Testimonial Review about Perfit FS
Date 23-01-06 13:55
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User Name Al-Khatib
Country Iraq
Occupation Dentist, Laser specialised dental Center
Product Perfit FS C14 A2​

Perfit FS is the newest most advancing material in the CAD/CAM world. It gives you a benefit at your clinic and 3 aspects. 

The first aspect is aesthetic which has the same beauty as normal ceramic restorations. The Second aspect it gains time for you. 

No need for further processing for the restoration. It's already fully sintered just you need to mill it and polished it. 

And if you want to get more beauty, you can glaze it with your ceramic furnace and put it directly insert into the patient's mouth. 

And the most important third aspect is that this material has the strength of the zirconia which is the hardest material in CAD/CAM now. 

It's easy to mill and your milling machine will not struggle and milling and no chipping with this beautiful block.