Perfit CL
Coloring Liquid
Perfit CL, developed through analysis of absorption and spectrum of transmitted light, composes of
16 Body Liquids based on VITA Shade guide and 11 Effect Liquids that can adjust chroma in cervical, proximal and body area.
The acid-free components in the liquids help to reveal vivid colors of natural teeth.
The liquids are also comparable to the zirconia restorations prepared using other manufacturer’s discs.
01 Body Liquid (50ml)
VATECH provides 16 body liquids that can reproduce basic dentin color.
A class – 5ea / B class – 4ea / C class – 4ea / D class – 3ea
02 Effect Liquid (20ml)
Effect liquids are able to express unique characteristics of the patient’s own teeth.
It is available to show translucency, brightness, chroma, crack, opal, opaque,
gingival color etc.
Use for expressing
translucency on the
Use for expressing
translucency and
opal on young people.
Use for lower the
brightness and
expressing the enamel.
Dark Gray
Use for expressing
deep translucency
of the end of incisal.
Use for expressing
wearing, yellow and
high chroma.
Use for expressing
opaque color.
Snow Light
Use for expressing
opaque color and crack
line on the incisal.
Use for fossa,
Embrraser, wear,
Use for expressing line
angle and lower
brightness on the incisal.
Use for raising
brightness of dentin
and expressing gingival.
Same as pink function
but It’s bit deeper.