Materials and Clinic Integrated Solutions
Since Vatech developed a Dental X-ray imaging system, Vatech has been always dominating the Korean market for about 20 years.
We have No.1 market share in the domestic market, and more than 11,000 dental clinics use our imaging device and other dental marterials.
In 2019, Vatech MCIS celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding and changed its name from Vatech MCIS.
We are now focusing on the total CAD/CAM system business with zirconia materials by acquiring a zirconia manufacturing company, Acucera Inc, in 2019.
The leading manufacturer of zirconia in dental use with more than
20 years of manufacturing history in Korea.
As a bio-material provider,
Vatech MCIS is developing its own Zirconia powder.
Quality competitiveness and trend sensitivity
We, as a manufacturer can control the manufacturing process by ourselves.
Furthermore, by analyzing the market trend we always fully understand
what is customer’s needs and apply them to our new innovative product.
Corporate Identity
Clinic Solutions
Providing essential solutions necessary
for clinics, patients, doctors and staff to
widen your digital dentistry.
Our continuous efforts in research
and development of bio materials as a
korea’s first dental zirconia developer
ensures outstanding product quality.
Business Scope
Smart Clinic Solutions & Bio-Material
CAD/CAM solution
Intra-oral Sensor
Imaging System
Intra-oral Camera
Intra-oral Scanner
Milling M/C
Digital Platform
Design / Milling Service
Zirconia Material
Clear Aligner
Zirconia Implant
Diagnostic S/W
Planning S/W(Ortho)
Make Clinics Smarter,
Make Life Better
We constantly challenge ourselves to develop
new technologies that improve the quality of
life & enhance the medical environment.