At the VATECH CAD/CAM Center, all restorations including Custom Abutment, Zirconia Crown, Aesthetic prosthesis, and
special prosthesis(ALL ON 4 and 6) are fabricated with digital systems. We are always studying various workflows, considering about
areas that can be systematically serviced to our customers, and trying to grow in dentistry market constantly. 
Crown & Bridges
We make all ceramic restorations using the VATECH product Perfit ZR. This removes the disadvantages of exposing metal in PFM and is able to
express a shade like natural teeth with strong flexural strength and high translucency. It can fabricate from Anterior to Posterior and 16 vita shades are available.
Restorations : Crown & Bridges, PFZ, Inlay/Onlay, Veneer, etc. Shade : A1-D4 Area : Anterior, Posterior
Custom Abutment, special prostheses all on 4 and 6, are fabricated using Perfit ZR. Since it's a complex implant case,
our professional expert team is always studying and trying to produce the best quality.
Restorations : Custom Abutment, ALL ON 4 & ALL ON 6, Screw retained restorations, etc. Shade : A1-D4 Area : Anterior, Posterior
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