Perfit ZR
Perfit was developed by the industry’s deepest team of technical experts.
Based on our own manufacturing technology, the strongest Perfit came out.
Perfit ZR is partially sintered zirconia disc that features VATECH’s innovative Uniform Compaction Firing (UCF) technology to optimize machinability of the discs, isotropic shrinkage during final sintering, and physical properties including flexural strength, translucency, and shades.
We are confident that Perfit ZR will meet your unique requirements.
Perfect Color Reproduction
Perfit ZR reproduces the color closest to the VITA Shade. No complicated coloring
is required, and an enamel-like shade can be sufficiently expressed with less coloring work.
No distortion during sintering with Innovative Sintering Technology(*IST) manufacturing technology
It is uniformly contract in the X, Y, and Z directions when manufacturing, there is no distortion of the restoration and excellent marginal fit.
5 series product line-up for
every indications
Perfit ZR is available for all indications with perfect aesthetic and high strength.
Excellent translucency
Perfit ZR developed excellent translucency and high quality chroma by analyzing the spectrum of transmitted light considering how much light as transmitted, when the restoration is mounted inside of the mouth compared to when it is outside of the mouth.
By controlling pore generation inside and homogenization of particle distribution, Surface stability is high.
Perfit ZR has the uniform particle distribution, density, and cohesiveness of the powder by Innovative Sintering Technology(IST*). The probability of nano cracks is low due to its excellent machinability when adjusting contact.
Perfit ZR
Competitor A
When the particles of the powder are irregular, a space is formed between the particles as shown in the picture on the right. Cracks start from that space and can be a problem. Basically, the particles of zirconia powder must be small and uniform to become high-quality discs, and perfit ZR is that case.