Perfit ZR™ STML
  • Multilayered Zirconia
  • Seamless 5+4 multilayers with natural gradient color and high strength.
  • Applicable to both posterior and anterior
  • Translucency: 46% / Flexural Strength: 1,100MPa
9 Layered structures
create ultimate naturalness
Perfit ZR multilayered zirconia has natural 5+4 seamless gradation color.
There are 5 main layers on the surface and 4 transition zones connect
between the main layers smoothly.
Perfit ZR TSML
Perfit ZR STML
Perfit ZR HT
Perfit ZR ST
Perfit ZR UT
Sample Thickness : 1.0mm, By Spectrophotometer
Perfit ZR STML is a Multilayered zirconia that has Esthetic multilayers with a moderate strength so a Single Crown(Posterior, Anterior), a Screw-Retained Crown, Posterior Bridges(up to 3 units) can be created. By the multilayers of natural gradation and high strength, it is possible to create restorations with high aesthetics.
Product Perfit ZR STML
Translucency(%) 1) 46
Flexural Strength(MPa) 1,100
Material 4Y-TZP
Shade 16Shade according to VITA Classical Guide
1) Sample Thickness : 1.0 mm, by Spectrophotometer
Perfit ZR™ STML
Ø 98
Available Thickness(Ø98 x mm)
14, 18, 22, 25mm
Volume change at 1,000℃, changing color at 1400℃, and coloring liquid diffusion at 1450-1550℃ are generated for zirconia.
Usually, sintering temperature at long time is stable for volume change, flexural strength and translucency.
Step Starting Temp (˚C) Target Temp (˚C) Heating Rate (˚C/min) Holding Time (h)
1 Room Temp 1,200 10 -
2 1,200 1,530 2 -
3 1,530 1,530 - 2
4 1,530 Room Temp -8 -