Zirconia Block
Perfit FS
World’s 1st Machinable Fully Sintered Zirconia Block
Perfit FS is the most natural-looking zirconia with a flexural
strength of 500 MPa. It needs no firing process, so you can save your
valuable time and concentrate on your patients.
Fast workflow
Save time, as no firing required
In general, after the lithium disilicate types are milled, firing process must be required in the porcelain furnace for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. It is called as crystallization process. However, Perfit FS, a fully sintered zirconia block, needs no additional firing process after milling.
3 Layered structures create ultimate naturalness
The chairside multilayered block only comes from VATECH. It shows perfect esthetic translucency and natural teeth color on the surface.
The grain size of Perfit FS is about 4.0 ㎛ which is nearly 4 times greater than General Zirconia Disc.
The coarse microstructure combined with exceptional fracture toughness and low scratch hardness confers superior machinability.
Grinding is possible with a general wet milling machines due to its unique particle structure.
Perfit FS
General Zirconia Disc
Glass Ceramic
High level of crack resistance
Compared to conventional General Zirconia Disc and Glass Ceramic, Perfit FS shows no apparent cracks emanating from the corners of the diamond indentation, indicating its exceptional fracture toughness.
In conclusion, restorations of Perfit FS have greater crack resistance than other types of restorations shown below.
Perfit FS Machinability
Addition of special inorganic material
The special inorganic material added to Perfit FS zirconia powder dramatically increases machinability by reduction the hardness of the block, so Perfit FS can be processed with a general 4-axis and 5-axis wet milling machine.
In addition, It prevent stress cracking rate by improving the fracture toughness.
Scratch hardness
The arrows indicate the groove width of each material scratched at 5 kg load. Perfit FS formed a width of high groove, representing low scratch hardness.
The low scratch hardness enables Perfit FS an exceptional machinability, similar to that of (partially crystallized) glass ceramic block Comparison with other types of restoration, Perfit FS exhibits lower scratch hardness while exhibiting higher fracture toughness.
The higher fracture toughness represents more limited propagation the crack that suddenly becomes rapid.
Scratch grooves formed by diamond indenter at 5 kg
Perfit FS
General Zirconia Disc
Glass Ceramic
(partially crystallized)
Glass Ceramic
(fully crystallized)
The low temperature degradation, LTD or aging, is defined as spontaneous tetragonal-to-monoclinic transformation occurring over time at low temperatures.
The degradation represents thermodynamic stability, and lower transformation means less microcrack occurrence and decrease in strength.
While 21% of the tetragonal phase transformed to monoclinic for General Zirconia Disc after aging for 5 h at 132℃ and 0.2 MPa, ISO13356 standard, no degradation occurred on Perfit FS under identical conditions.
Perfit FS
General Zirconia Disc
Wide Indication and
Cost Effective
Experience the cost effective and long lasting solution. Perfit FS's reliable
strength provides less risk of fracture during fabrication or use.
We ensure both customer's and clinic's satisfaction by providing
the best products, while constantly challenging ourselves through
continuous innovation.
Flexural Strength:
Shade(White/Shade Blocks):
In VITA 16 Classical Guide
Shade(Multi Blocks):
In VITA 16 Classical Guide
Geometry Shade Blocks:
(L x W x H mm)
C14(18x14 x12.7)
Geometry Multi Blocks:
(L x W x H mm)
C14(18x14 x12.7)